ordnance survey grid convertor database

I had some interest in the Access module for converting Ordnance Survey NGRs to Eastings and Northings (and vice versa) so I thought I’d risk putting the database on the site for download. It’s in Access 97 but should translate up to newer versions without much trouble. I should also add that several people commented last week about an online NGR converter that looks really handy, and this excel spreadsheet full of handy vba functions for conversion offline.

thursday tip day creating an access 97 compatible geodatabase in arcgis 92

Access 97 is still a popular choice for databases (especially in archaeology!) but the default ArcGIS 9.2 geodatabase is in Access 2000 format and cannot be opened in earlier versions of Microsoft Access. It is possible to create a geodatabase that can be used by both programmes. Create a blank database in Microsoft Access 97 and save it to the location where you want your geodatabase to be stored. Close Access