more on flickr geotagging

After yesterday’s post, I was wondering about geotagging, and specifically whether or not it’s possible to export the location data created in the geotagging process as standard flickr tabs. If I’m going to put my photos in Flickr and Google Earth I don’t really want to have to go through the geotagging process twice! Anyway, in the Flickr Geotagging Group I found a link to a great Greasemonkey script for adding visible lat and long tags to photos, which I’m hoping to explore further.

first post

Well, everyone’s got to start somewhere! I’ve just been trying out the new Flickr Geotagging capabilities, uploading photos of my recent wedding on the Isle of Mull, just off the west coast of Scotland. As countless people have said elsewhere, Flickr have got it pretty much spot on with this geotagging interface. Being able to drag and drop the photos is great- does it get more intuitive than that? My only qualm is the quality of the mapping for the UK.