google groups problems

A quick post to give people a heads up that there seems to be a google groups problem affecting the portable-gis group, amongst others. If you have signed up with a googlemail account (not gmail, or any other email account) then your messages may get bounced back with a permissions error.┬áThis seems to be a general problem affecting many groups, so no doubt a fix is in progress, but just so you know, I’m not blocking anyone (hell, I can’t post to my own group at the moment!

thursday tip day fixing google desktop

I’ve been a big fan of google desktop for a while now, not so much for the search options but because I like the gadgets. There’s nothing like the Remember The Milk gadget for making you feel guilty about tasks you’ve put off, and I’m currently addicted to the Twitter gadget. However, for some time, Google desktop refused to let me click any web links, access the options, view my google calendar, open links in google chats etc.

a cool thing

In which I finally learn how to add a dynamic blogroll to my blog… Those people who read this blog via the website rather than by rss (hi there!) will no doubt be pleased to know that I’ve finally added a blogroll to my site, listing some of the many other blogs that I like. I held back from creating a static blogroll using the built in wordpress tool, because the sites that I like pretty much change daily, and it seemed like there should be a way of reflecting this using google reader’s public pages option.