a year of anniversaries and change

So, it’s 5 years since OSGeo was formed- that’s pretty cool! Spurred on by this post, I thought I would say a little bit about my involvement with OSGeo, and also rather clumsily segue this into an announcement about my impending change of job. It’s true- after years of not really thinking of myself as an archaeologist any longer, but rather ‘someone who works in an archaeological unit”, I’ve finally gone and got myself a real job.

were hiring

Just a heads up to say that we’re on the look out for GIS staff to work in Oxford Archaeology’s northern office in Lancaster. Whilst primarily we’re after staff for some large-scale projects that we have coming up over the next year, we are also looking for people who can help us work on programming applications, and help with develop protocols and work-flows for getting GIS out to all of our staff.