pgrouting and mapserver

The third in an occasional series of posts dabbling in PgRouting Once you’ve got your PgRouting database configured in PostgreSQL (see here and here for more information) you might want to use the routing data in an online map. There are a number of tutorials around for doing this using geoserver, and some information on using mapserver, but also a distressing number of posts pleading for assistance! So, in the spirit of sharing, this is my attempt to pull the various bits of advice together into something a bit more comprehensive.

pgrouting with ordnance survey itn data

A work in progress I threw together some notes on installing PgRouting on Ubuntu last year sometime but I haven’t really had chance to come back to it and do anything meaningful, until a chance conversation with a client got me thinking about trying again with some Ordnance Survey ITN data. If you do a google search on actually doing anything with ITN data you’ll quickly find out that most people are using ESRI Productivity Suite, or various other components, even if the end result is data in PostgreSQL.

pgrouting ubuntu quick start

Caution- this post won’t make you a pgRouting guru, but it will allow you to get pgrouting up and running on Ubuntu 11.10 and have some data on a map in approx 20 minutes. ** Update (17th August 2012)- the instructions below will continue to work for PostgreSQL 9.1 and PostGIS 1.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 or variants thereof. The fix mentioned in step 2 will lead you to a 404 error on github-this is currently correct though.