thursday tip day spelling in microsoft word and security

This is an “interesting” one- particularly if you manage a lot of windows pcs in a domain, so you have domain users and local users on your pc… I started getting complaints from people that the spell-checker in word didn’t work. What they meant was that the spelling and grammar options simply weren’t available to them. I checked that the language was set, and found that it wasn’t, and not only that, but it didn’t seem to persist if I did set it, even if I set it as the default.

slightly belated thursday tip day tips for microsoft word

Just when I thought I was either going to have to write a tip about configuring Grandstream VOIP phone extension modules (which I can do, if there’s enough interest…) along comes this article from Web Worker Daily full of useful tips for Microsoft Word. No news yet as to how many of them work in Open Office as well… Paste Your Formats. If you want to apply your formatting and styles for a given paragraph or document to a new paragraph or document, hit Ctrl+Shift+C to copy, select the text you want to apply the formatting to, then hit Ctrl+Shift+V.